SecureFont for
Google Chrome

Enable only authorized viewers to view the actual content on Chrome browser, and protect the data from the rest of the world.

Take Control of Your Privacy:

Protect your online activity and personal information from malicious user access and crawlers. Deter third-parties from accessing your information without your consent.

Protect the text with SecureFont

SecureFont extension for Google Chrome helps you manage privacy of your data by encoding the text with secure fonts, and enabling only authorized users to view the data on Google Chrome

Authenticate once and view your content securely

Just one time authentication is required to start secure viewing of your content in Google Chrome

Works across operating systems

There is no dependency on any operating systems. Be it Windows, Android or iOS, content can be securely viewed in any operating system

Securely share the content with others

You can also authorize other users to authenticate and allow access to your content securely