Solutions / Anti-scraping

Combat Scraping.
Beat Bots.

Save revenues and data leakage with a one-stop anti-scraping solution

Solutions / Anti-scraping

Combat Scraping.
Beat Bots.

Save revenues and data leakage with a one-stop anti-scraping solution

Building blocks of Anti-scraping

Anti Bots

Our APIs let you encrypt data on the go. Hence, when bots and crawlers scrape information, it is all garbled that cannot be read or understood.

Public-facing data encryption

Allow people to read & absorb information but not copy what’s yours with our out-of-box solution

Zero code implementation

Proxy server or web server module is an effective way to deal with anti-scraping. Data is always encrypted on our proxy servers so that no bot can steal information

Benefits of Anti-scraping

Prevent Revenue Leakage

Web scraping impacts a business's bottom line significantly. For e-commerce, it could cost almost 80% profitability and for media houses almost 7.9%

With our Anti-scraping solution you can protect the IP of your content. No bots, or automated software will be able to scrape information and serve it to your competitors. You can choose the content you want to encrypt on the go.

80 %

Web scraping costs a business

Prevent bot & manual scrappers

Malicious bots are used to initiate unauthorized crawls and scrape data, costing business owners a hefty sum. Only 40 - 60% of website visitors are actually humans.

We encrypt your information at a font level.This content renders perfectly on your secure browsers but as they are scraped, they are in a garbled format and are useless to any bots.

40 - 60 %

Website visitors are actually humans.

Stay unique and beat the competition

Companies spend heavily on SEO, SEM, and creating unique content to drive traffic and profitability.

With Anti scraping keep the authority, and beat the competition from stealing content that you spent money on.


Spend heavily on SEO, SEM

Say NO to Scraping!

Say NO to Scraping!

Make Bots ineffective

Protect the IP of your content

Encrypt sensitive information on the go

Where Anti-scraping Matters the Most

For content creators

You put in a lot of effort, time, and resources to create uniquely engaging content. And it’s yours to protect:

• Disable bots from scraping
• Prevent copy and paste
• Get revenues that you deserve

For database aggregators

This is your bread and butter. Imagine a bot scraping the entire database for free

• Protect the IP of your content
• Safeguard your revenues
• Beat the competition

For knowledge management

Knowledge management is important to train & reduce duplication of efforts

• Share knowledge with confidence
• Keep the secrets to your trade safe
• Improve productivity

For eCommerce sites

Safeguard sensitive information like prices and offers & do not let competitors take advantage of you

• Make website scraping meaningless
• Keep your information safe
• Beat the competition

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