Last Mile Security And Defense For Your Content - Delivered Through FONT

Protect your content from scraping, misuse and abuse using SecureFont

Defend Your Public Facing Content With SecureFont

Publicly available information can be copied, misused and abused. While information needs to be presented to the world, there is a need to stop competition from copying and misusing the data. One-third of all the web traffic is not human, they are bots and most of them are designed to derail your business and steal your content. Typically businesses lose about 8% to 12% of their revenues when competition scraps away the data resulting in loss of profit, loss of revenues and loss of reputation.

Introducing SecureFont

For the first time, you can protect the data you share externally with SecureFont.

No Special Software/Browser

No Extensions/Plugins


No User Behavioral Change

Normal and Visible for Humans,
Garbled and Useless for Bad Bots

Compose your web pages, portions of your web content, sensitive elements of a page or an entire document using SecureFont

API based
SaaS offering

SecureFont introduces a simple and easy-to-use API based SaaS offering designed for any developer to secure their content on the web applications, mobile apps, documents, SaaS platforms before their valuable content is shared for consumption.

Easy-to-use APIs

Powerful and Easy-to-use APIs to encrypt the text and fonts. We offer server side APIs in more than 14 web scripting languages

SDKs for Quicker Development

Out-of-the-box SDKs in popular languages to suit different geographies and designed to reduce the time to integrate

Prebuilt Integrations

Zero code extensions for Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress and others.

5+ Integrations

Integrate with a click

Traditional security is a passé

Selectively Encode the Data

Content in the documents can be selectively protected and only specific sections of the document can be accessed by a specific set of users.


Works Across Platforms

Since font is a fundamental common denominator, the technology can work on all platforms without any user behavioural changes.

No Decryption Involved

The cipher text can only be rendered via user authentication. Copies of the document on endpoints, emails and servers are well protected.

Easy Deployment

Our Developer First approach makes ‘Plug and Play’ easier with seamless integrations using our APIs, SDKs and out-of-the-box platform add-ons.


Save Revenues

Secure your data from theft and maintain and increase your customer base

Save Time

Achieve higher business efficiency by automating the data security processes


Be compliant with your industry regulations and gain stakeholder trust